Photography! It is an art!

Photography, a form of artwork that is constantly changing. There are different styles of photography and many different techniques. It truly is an artform in it’s own. Unlike sculpture, drawing, and painting it is constantly changing. Looking back at what photography was 100 years ago, it is completely different than it is now. The only thing that has stayed the same throughout the whole time photography has been around is the basics; understanding light along with understanding the tool to capture the photograph and capturing what you believe is beautiful. These days there is much more to photography than just the basics; there’s extra tools that are added in to make the photos more spectacular than before. Photoshop and digital cameras have definitely changed the photography world. I know my understanding of everything from the basics to the more difficult of styles isn’t where it should be, I am still in the learning stages of everything. Even though photography is a passion of mine it is something that I personally need to keep growing and getting better at, I am NOT where I should be or even could be. I do however know where I believe some of my strengths are in photography and I definitely know where my faults are. Portraits are things I am not the best at but I do keep trying at it to get better. Nature and architecture are the things I believe I am best at but I am still not 100% at that. There’s so much that I don’t understand and sometimes I think I’m getting worse in some areas and then there’s times I think I’m getting better. Right now I would just love to get back to the basics instead of worrying about the more difficult things (if only I can get my brain to work in reverse). For me when I say I want to learn to get back to the basics I mean to start shooting with film and focus on what I see and learn how to use the camera again, of course that can result in a lot of wasted film but it is something that for me as an aspiring photographer would personally believe could make me a better photographer. I would also like to relearn how to develop film, I got a touch of that in my high school graphic arts class. The thought of being in a dark room just makes it so much cooler, at least to me it does. Maybe one day I’ll be able to get back to these basics and relearn how to make my art stand out and be amazing. I know I have a ways to go but my art is what keeps me going, as everyone else’s form of art should keep them going.

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